Expert Roundtable – Utility of liquid biopsies and solid tumor MRD in clinical trials

Liquid biopsies have significant potential to impact clinical trials and a large number of studies are in progress to prove clinical utility. 

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Chris Abbosh

Medical Oncology Clinician Scientist, UCL

Overview of the solid tumor MRD landscape

Thomas Powles

Director, Barts Cancer Center

IMvigor trial

Angel Rodriguez

Medical Director, Oncology, Natera

Tumor-informed MRD testing across cancer types

Naureen Starling

Principal Investigator, Royal Marsden Hospital

Liquid biopsies for faster diagnosis

  • Overview of the solid tumor MRD landscape
  • Liquid biopsies for faster diagnosis
  • Success story and data in clinical trials – IMvigor
  • Tumor-informed MRD testing across tumor types

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